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What is the foundation of a Great Leader?

Self-awareness, Self-honesty, Self-mastery are the 3 most important and most underestimated and neglected capacities of a Leader. Discover who you are, be honest to yourself and work towards self-mastery is the lifetime work.

It takes time, requires feedback, listening, humility, courage and at times is painful. This is all what our ego hates as it loves to look perfect, be cool, have power and shine. I found myself in the same trap of ego as a Leader, husband, father. Setting high expectation on others, before looking in the mirror and starting there. The same I saw as a Leader in organizations and the same picture I see as a Leadership trainer. My finding?

The biggest distinction in the quality of leaders lies exactly in this fundamental capacity of a human being.

Only a few Leaders start with the self-work at the beginning. The more experienced Leader, the more difficult is to come back to the basis as our ego does not want to lose its position. Go for it! it´s not a sign of weakness but the sign of strength. Without these foundations is the Leadership job really a hard work, fight and for people around us suffering. 

See "Mindful Leader" development program.

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