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Digital age, current economic disruption brings a lot of opportunities, however shows its shadow side like uncertainty, complexity and discomfort of constant change. The problem is that our brain tags these situations as “life threatening”. Our everyday chronic “fight, flight, freeze stress reactions” are very energy depleting, causing mental and physical illness, destroying our relationships and decreasing our performance. RESPONSIVENESS to CHANGE and ADAPTABILITY is the key to the mental RESILIENCE and the NEW NORM for the LEADERS of 21. Century. MINDFULNESS is a very effective way to upgrade our “super computer”. With MINDFULNESS training we can reinforce our rational part and reduce reactivity of our "monkey mind". Herewith you balance out the evolutionary inefficiencies of our brain. MINDFULNESS is a very effective, easily available resource for everybody. I apply it for myself, help the leaders, business, to thrive in crisis. Leading companies in the world are already “MINDFULNESS POSITIVE". It is not the questions if, but when. Do you want to know more? #mindfulness #mindfulleadership #stress #resilience #mentalhealth #leaders

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