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Isn't it great being surrounded by people with "self-improvement syndrome"? Not every syndrome is healthy but this one spreads INSPIRATION, is highly contagious, creates ENERGY and ENGAGEMENT. YOU BECOME WHO YOU SPENT TIME WITH.

Great Leaders have passion for "self-improvement". They know, they are the culture setter, they set the benchmark and they are those who WALK THE TALK.

Naturally they become PEOPLE DEVELOPER who create environment where people, business and results get better. There is no more space for mediocrity.

Some Leaders forget it in the everyday "RAT RACE" of e-mails overflow, overbooked calendars and stuck with low priority tasks.

This is when the self-improvement becomes a burden. How to get out of this trap?

Ask yourself: "What am I paid for in my role of a Leader?" Definitely not for reading e-mails and meetings participation. Or: "Who will I become and where I can bring my team and business if I switch the gear?"

THE LEADERS are paid for "CREATING" great new Leaders and bringing the organization, business and results to another level. Shadow side? Over time such leaders will make themselves "JOBFREE" :), ready for another challenge.

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