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Experiencing discomfort productively

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Most ambitious people have heard of the comfort zone. To be more precise, most ambitious people have heard of the importance of leaving their comfort zone consistently in order to grow and become the best version of themselves. It seems obvious - whoever wants to expand what they are now needs challenges and obstacles to see what they need to grow into. Seeing what you cannot yet handle as you would like gives you a reference point for where you want to go, and overcoming these challenges is a potent motivator for continuing along that path.

On the other hand, most ambitious people experience stress regularly. They don’t have the energy to pursue their passions after working all day, and struggle to balance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources. Their relationships often suffer and life often seems like a drawn-out battle instead of a playground. Why is it then, so difficult to grow while also taking care of ourselves? Why can we find unmotivated and cynical underachievers as often as we do tired and irritable overachievers, but consider it rare to see a content and happy person who is growing consistently and enjoying it?

The answer, simply, is a lack of self-awareness.

Respect your limits and flirt with them safely

In the rat race of the modern world, we have been trained to believe that a person not going all out is somehow lacking in effort. That time spent on something which doesn’t bring tangible output is time wasted.

So we struggle to do our best, finding new challenges to take up as soon as the old one is completed. We nearly never take the time to appreciate what we have done, check up on how much energy was spent and care for ourselves. We are, after all, the product of our achievements and admitting that we are not always ready to be at our best, most productive self, is seen as a weakness.

But we cannot outmaneuver truth, however much we’d like to. As much as we curse the use of smart phones, they can teach us a valuable lesson – if our battery is drained, we need to take a break and recharge it – in other words, energy management. The challenge is realizing when it is spent, knowing how to recharge it, and enjoying the well-deserved break that our energy-draining effort has led us to.

Shift your perspective

The final words to conclude this article would be this – shift your perspective on what makes you happy and successful. We know it’s not the level of comfort we experience. Otherwise, the recipe for a happy life would simply be Real success is being happy with the journey we are on and enjoying it. So align yourself with the road you feel you should be walking, but be careful that you don’t choose to sprint it. After all, even a slow walk in the right direction, whether alone or with your loved ones, is worthwhile. And stopping to look at your surroundings is also a part of the journey. This is nothing other than mindfulness in action.

lying on the couch more. But we also know it’s not about how many accomplishments we can recite after our name.


MMM is an acronym that is made up of three parts - Miro and Matej, who are very interested in improving the world around them by bringing the 3rd M, Mindfulness, into their own and others' daily lives.

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