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Energized Leader, Engaged organization.

It was very inspiring to accompany the Leadership team of Business Services from Swiss Re Bratislava in a practical workshop dedicated to optimizing individual and organizational engagement.

Energized Leader is the key driver of an engaged organization, and an optimal individual energy management is the key driver of individual engagement.

The biggest challenge of Leaders in the digital age is to find the balance between performance and sustainability. Energy management has become an important topic. Frustration, demotivation, illness, mental health issues, and burn out has become a serious problem in organizations worldwide especially impacting Leaders.

The result? The Leaders discovered their own energy leakages on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Further as a team they recognized the key energy takers and givers in their organization and designed new positive habits to be implemented to keep the energy, engagement, joy and to improve performance. Last but not least strengthen the team spirit and having fun.

You are a great team😊.

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