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Bring Mindfulness to the business and to the people.

Bring Mindfulness to the business, to the people. Constant improvement is in my DNA and get better every day myself is my core motivator. This enables me to better understand my clients, their challenges, failures, successes. I see it as the only way to be really able to help my clients to improve. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi. I spent very enriching, demanding training week in “Mindful Academy Solterreno” in Spain. A magic, authentic place in Spanish mountains between Valencia and Alicante. Great teachers and fantastic group of participants helped me to bring my Mindfulness practice to higher level and this enables me to bring self-mastery, focus, empathy, stress resistance, mental resilience and well-being through Mindfulness more effectively for my clients to their leadership, business and their personal lives. Thanks to Bodhin Woodward “Director” Mindful Academy of Solterreno, Sheena Burke and all the participants for insights, inspirations and great time we had together.

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