Our MISSION is to help leaders, teams and organizations to achieve positive permanent change in business and private life. 

We help you open up the way you think and to change your behavior in a way that is defined by your passion, values, strength and not by your limiting thoughts and fears.

We help you to create a culture of authenticity, connection and joy and make your life and life of others happier and successful. 

We love people and we are driven by constant improvement. This is where our passion for people development comes from.

​The way how we accompany you on your journey is simple, practical, encouraging.

Miro Kusalik

My career

I have 17 years of experience in the international reinsurance corporate environment. 9 years in underwriting-sales and 8 years in leadership roles.

Along side this, I have experiences in leadership, near-shoring, change/project management, team/individual coaching, people development, sales. Before starting my business career I used to be a professional athlete.

I have a strong cross-cultural background; lived and worked in 4 very different countries - Slovakia, Australia, Germany and Mexico and I speak Slovak, English, German, Spanish and Russian.​​

My story

Fulfilling my dreams and following my passion has been always my primary motivator. First, a beautiful family, living abroad, a successful career, a family sabbatical in Mexico and now helping people to fulfill their dreams in my own company. I love people and helping them to make a difference in their lives is the most rewarding feeling for me.

Constant improvement is my huge source of energy. Be it at sport, job, as a husband, father, colleague, manager and coach. I am a passionate athlete, traveler interested in people and nature, tirelessly reading anything connected with coaching, people development and mental resilience.

My passion for authenticity, discipline and work-life balance has potential to inspire others. 

I am absolutely persuaded that people develop only through their own experience and that happiness lies in simplicity,  mindful dwelling in the present moment, positive attitude and predominately in finding the meaning of life. That is why we came to this world.


  • Brain-based Coach Certificate – Neuro Leadership Group, s.r.o. (2014, Prague)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (2017)

  • Sport mental coach – Sport-mental Akademie, Zurich (2018)

  • Mindfulness Training MBSR - Soltereno 2018

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